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Purchase printed or plain paper wristbands, Tyvek paper wristbands for parties, for efficient and economical access control. Compare quality and price, we are the best and most affordable.

Paper Wristbands with Printing and Plain Paper Wristbands for Events

From horse shows to live music performances, exhibitions, concerts, music festivals, carnivals, parties, fairs, children's and adult amusement parks, and any events where controlled access is required, our disposable paper wristbands provide an efficient and easy way to limit access for spectators and guests with control.

Our entry wristbands are made of Tyvek, which is a synthetic waterproof paper that allows for use in wet conditions such as water parks. Our paper wristbands are used as an easy way to identify the access to be given to a person wearing it. For example, age identification or quickly identifying the allowed areas in a water park, amusement park, or actually any event.

Our advanced online design tool makes it easy to design custom paper wristbands at no extra cost on your computer screen. Our specially designed tool also ensures that the size, printing area, and all other parameters fit for printing. For more complex printing tasks, or if you already have your custom paper wristband design ready, you can send it to us, and we will take care of the rest.

On all our paper wristbands, we use a special effective sealing and locking mechanism that serves as tamper-proof, making them unusable if someone tries to remove them. Additionally, all wristbands, including printed paper wristbands, are sequentially numbered, serving as an additional layer of protection but also allowing you to track the number of tickets sold. Another security measure is a UV code. A UV code is an invisible UV security code at the end of the wristband, which can only be seen using a UV flashlight.

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Materials Used for Wholesale Paper Wristbands

Disposable paper wristbands are made of Tyvek, which is a synthetic paper produced by Dupont. The adhesive used in production is of the highest quality and very durable.

The ink used for printing on paper wristbands is eco-friendly. Our pink, orange, yellow, and green plain paper wristbands are UV (blacklight) reflective. They are perfect for events that incorporate UV lighting.

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Wide Range of Colors

JMband offers a wide range of colors that can be customized for any event. Create visual identity, match the brand, or differentiate access levels - and create a memorable experience for participants with our colorful paper wristbands.

Durability - Are Paper Wristbands Water-Resistant?

Tyvek paper wristbands for parties are waterproof and tear-resistant. The duration for which you can wear disposable paper wristbands on your wrist depends on the quality of the wristband itself. We provide highly durable paper wristbands.

Testing has been conducted using one of our printed paper wristbands for four days under normal conditions, including exposure to a hot shower at the end of the day. This has been documented with pictures showing the condition of the wristband after 1, 2, 3, and 4 days of normal use. The conclusion is that paper wristbands are largely waterproof, and the text or logo can still be read at the end of the 4-day period. It is recommended not to use them for more than 4 days.

Production of Paper Wristbands for Events:

Creating disposable paper wristbands requires advanced printing equipment, such as the Mark Andy offset printing machine with rotating cutting tools and a glue applicator. The production of this type of paper wristband requires extensive expertise.

Printing on Tyvek paper access wristbands is complex because Tyvek material melts at low temperatures. Additionally, Tyvek is a non-porous material with low ink absorption, making it challenging to print using a standard inkjet or laser printer. Printing must be done at low temperatures and requires specially formulated fast-drying ink. We have developed our own printing system capable of printing on substrates like high-density polyethylene, from which Tyvek is made.

Having our high-speed printing machines allows us to quickly deliver paper wristbands with your logo and text printed on them. If there is a need to print 100,000 personalized and customized paper wristbands, it takes us only a day. Yes, we are very efficient. These personalized paper wristbands with a message have significant promotional and marketing value.

Removal and Disposal - How to Remove Paper Wristbands:

Tyvek paper wristbands are tear-resistant, so they cannot be simply torn off. The quickest way to remove paper wristbands is to cut them with scissors. Alternatively, you can diagonally pull the unfastened end of the wristband and tear the sealing mechanism present on it.

Disposable wristbands made of Tyvek are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Tyvek can be safely incinerated, as it releases water and carbon dioxide, leaving minimal pollution.

Preventing Cheating with Festival Wristbands:

While most people are honest, there are some who may attempt to cheat and find ways to reuse paper wristbands for events. The sealing and security mechanism in place acts as tamper-evidence, making it challenging to transfer wristbands from person to person.

Prices - Costs of Paper Wristbands:

Prices matter! We understand that customers compare prices and seek good value for their money. When comparing suppliers, it's essential to consider three crucial factors: price, quality, and service. We make significant efforts to deliver affordable paper wristbands with the highest quality on the market and provide excellent customer service. Paper wristbands approaching their expiration date are sold at discounted prices.

Availability - Where to Buy Paper Wristbands in the UK:

There are often questions about where to buy paper wristbands and who sells them. You can certainly purchase cheap paper wristbands from several retailers in the UK, including stores like Tesco and many others. Many retailers also offer paper wristbands for sale online. However, when it comes to high-quality, professionally customized paper wristbands with your design printed on them, JMband is an excellent choice.

We offer a wide range of special paper wristbands, including personalized paper wristbands, colorful patterned festival wristbands, neon paper wristbands for events, identification wristbands for children and seniors, high-tech RFID paper wristbands, wristbands with numbered coupons, and wristbands for festivals, to name a few.

As a standard, all wristbands come with consecutive numbering at no extra cost. We always have wristbands in stock, with several million paper wristbands available for wholesale, for immediate delivery.

Purchase Personalized Designed Paper Wristbands for Events and Plain Paper Wristbands in the UK:

All our printed and plain paper wristbands are of high quality, in vibrant colors, and at an excellent price. With over 25 years of experience, we are confident that you will be pleased with the quality you receive for your money. We ship your order from Aarhus, Denmark, and all orders are typically dispatched within 24 hours for in-stock items. Plain paper wristbands without printing are dispatched on the same day, while personally designed paper wristbands are typically dispatched the next day.

We deliver anywhere in the UK, with a transit time of 1 day in or near major cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh. Delivery to remote areas in the UK, may take an additional day or two.

FAQ - Get answers to your questions

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Can paper wristbands be reused?

Most paper wristbands are designed for single-use and cannot be reused after removal. They typically feature an adhesive closure mechanism or a security seal that cannot be opened without damaging the wristband. However, there are some reusable paper wristbands that use alternative closure mechanisms like snap buttons or Velcro fastenings. These can be taken off and reused multiple times, but they are less common than the disposable models.

What are Tyvek wristbands, and what sets them apart from paper wristbands?

Tyvek wristbands are a type of wristband made from a material called Tyvek, which is a durable and waterproof synthetic paper. Tyvek wristbands differ from traditional paper wristbands in their higher durability and resistance to tears, rips, and water. This makes them suitable for outdoor events or places where the wristbands may be exposed to moisture, sweat, or light damage.

Tyvek wristbands typically come with an adhesive closure mechanism that secures them around the wrist and makes them difficult to remove without destroying them. This helps prevent unauthorized reuse or transfer of the wristband.

Another advantage of Tyvek wristbands is that they can be customized with different colors, patterns, logos, or even serial numbers to aid in access control or participant identification. This makes them popular for use at concerts, festivals, sports events, and other gatherings where handling large crowds and security are important.

Are paper wristbands suitable for long-lasting events or multiple days?

Paper wristbands are usually designed for short-term events or single use. Since they are made of paper, they can wear out over time, especially if exposed to moisture or heavy wear. If you need wristbands for a long-lasting event or multiple days, it may be better to consider wristbands made of more durable materials such as plastic, fabric, or silicone. These materials are better suited to withstand repeated use and longer wear.

Can I customize paper wristbands with our own design or logo?

Yes, we offer a design-your-own feature where you can have your own design, logo, or text printed on the wristbands. This allows you to customize the wristbands for your event, promote your brand, or differentiate between different participant groups.