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JM Band's history

Band was founded in 1994 by a passionate electrical engineer with roots in both America and Israel. After finding love and starting a family in Denmark, this former street artist turned his passion for street art into a business. Originally, JM Band was established as an import company that traded goods at festivals and hawker markets. With a background in electrical engineering, the founder designed and built his own printers. This gave the company a significant advantage and the opportunity to produce and deliver hundreds of thousands of bracelets in a very short time.

2020 was a turning point for JM Band. In the middle of the Covid pandemic, the company was taken over by the business duo Thomas Brahe and Hans Christian Hellstern. With fresh eyes and innovative ideas, they implemented digital solutions, created new organizational structures and launched an ambitious international expansion.

In 2021, JM Band chose to take its social responsibility seriously by entering into a social partnership with Special Minds, and in 2023 a milestone was reached, when JM Band officially became a member of NFC-Forum. This membership cemented the company's position at the forefront of RFID technology, which is at the heart of their chip-integrated bracelets.

For press enquiries, interviews or further information on JM Band's history and growth, please contact our press officer:

  • (photo: tickets and wristbands, JM Band)

  • (photo: tour bracelet for Tivoli Friheden, JM Band)

  • (photo: bracelet made of recycled plastic, JM Band)

  • (photo: Hans Christian Hørup Hellstern, JM Band)

  • (photo: managing director Thomas Brahe (left) & Hans Christian Hørup Hellstern (right), JM Band)

  • (photo: Hans Christian Hørup Hellstern (left) & managing director Thomas Brahe (right), JM Band)

  • (photo: young office environment, JM Band)

  • (photo: an international team - 6 nationalities are represented here, JM Band)

  • (photo: managing director Thomas Brahe (left) & Hans Christian Hørup Hellstern (right), JM Band)

  • (photo: office, JM Band)