Terms of Trade at JM Band

Axel Gruhns vej 10M
8270 Holme

VAT no: 41840943

General Rules

  • Orders are official upon our acceptance.
  • Changes or cancellations require our written approval.
  • Costs and losses incurred for cancellations or modifications must be paid, minimum 10% of the purchase price excluding VAT.
  • Material in a product may change if it still meets the standard.
  • Custom items may be delivered +/- 10% of the ordered quantity.
  • For graphic or text-based products, order a prototype for accuracy.
  • We cannot guarantee all printed QR codes will work unless tested with a prototype.
  • Online design orders cannot be altered after confirmation.


  • All prices are excluding taxes, fees, and shipping.


  • Payment is required in advance unless otherwise agreed.
  • Late payment will incur interest.
  • Payment cannot be withheld for other order issues.
  • Accepted payment methods include bank transfer, Dankort, Visa, PayPal, and Mastercard.

Retention of Ownership

  • Goods remain ours until paid for.


  • Delivery is typically within 1 day, with exceptions possible.
  • We may extend the delivery time up to 10 days and will notify you if needed.
  • 14-day right of return applies (excluding custom items).
  • Standard delivery location is our address.
  • Products are made as specified in the order.
  • Errors in the delivery address may result in additional costs.

Design & Descriptions

  • All design material provided remains ours.
  • Unauthorized copying or sharing of our material is prohibited.
  • Examine the design upon receipt for errors.


  • Report errors in writing promptly with details.
  • Failure to complain in a timely manner forfeits your right to complain.
  • Do not return goods in case of a complaint without our permission.


  • We will replace or repair defective goods.
  • We are not responsible for errors due to your materials or specifications.
  • No guarantee that our products do not infringe third-party rights.
  • We are not liable for indirect losses or lost profits.


  • Any dispute will be resolved in the court of Aarhus, Denmark.