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Our festival wristband accessories are designed to simplify event management. Explore our range of cloths, stamps, tong closures, and metal and plastic locks for a hassle-free event arrangement.

Practical Accessories for festival wristbands

JM Band offers a wide range of accessories for wristbands that can enhance your experience and functionality. Here are some of our popular accessory products:

Marker for paper wristbands: Our marker is specially designed to write on paper wristbands. With a durable tip and quick-drying ink, you can easily add names, numbers, or special messages to your wristbands.

Paper hole punch: To allow you to add fasteners to paper wristbands, we also offer a convenient hole punch. This machine makes it easy to create holes in the wristbands, allowing you to secure them with a clasp or string.

Festival wristbands closure pliers: Our pliers are an indispensable tool for quickly and securely closing festival wristbands. They make it easy to place and press the closures in place, ensuring that the wristbands stay securely on the wrist all day.

Metal clasps for festival wristbands: Our metal clasps are sturdy and durable. They are designed to be used with festival wristbands and ensure a secure and reliable closure. These clasps are ideal for long-term use and can provide extra security for your wristbands.

Plastic clasps for festival wristbands: Our plastic clasps are easy to use and perfect for one-time or short-term events. They ensure a quick and convenient closure of festival wristbands and are easy to adjust to fit the wrist size.

Whether you need to add personalization to your wristbands with a marker, create holes for fasteners with a hole punch, secure the closure with pliers, or choose between metal and plastic clasps for festival wristbands, JM Bands' accessory products can help you customize and enhance your wristbands for any event.

FAQ - Get answers to your questions

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Is the accessories compatible with all types of wristbands?

It depends on the specifications of the wristbands . It's important to choose accessories that match the type and size of your wristbands.

How do I use metal clasps for festival wristbands?

Metal clasps for festival wristbands are closed using festival wristbands closure pliers. They are used to secure the wristbandsaround the wrist by tightly squeezing the clasp together.