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Embossed Brass Tokens

Embossed Brass Tokens

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  • Delivery time from approval: 20-28 days
  • Response time: within 2 business hours
  • We will assist you with graphic design.

Product Overview

Embossed brass tokens and coins with logo and text

Follow your sales, advertise your event and maintain the feeling of genuine currency.

Buy brass tokens and coins at the market's absolutely best quality.

Your text / logo embossed. Material: brass. colours: natural brass, gold plated or silver plated. Sizes Ø: maximum 35mm. Thickness: maximum 3mm. Production time: ~28 days (calendar days). Minimum order: 1000 pcs.

Two sided embossing + 1/2 startup.

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Specifications for embossed brass tokens

Sizes Ø: examples 23,2 mm, 25mm, 29mm, 35mm.Thickness: 1.75mm ~ 2.00mm.Brass tokens are non-magnetic and they never rust.Customized Text / logo can be embossed onto the tokens. Readable and recognizable by touching.Tokens are used as a payment alternative. Tokens give accurate overview on vendor’s sales at your event, allow faster transactions and simplify payments.Durable, sustainable and reuseable.

Other metal options: Gold colour: Copper (Cu) + Zink (Zn). Silver colour: Copper (Cu) + Zink (Zn) > coating : Nickel (Ni).Bimetal: Copper (Cu) + Zink (Zn) + Nickel (Ni) / Copper (Cu) + Zink (Zn).

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