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ECO Satin Sashes without Print

ECO Satin Sashes without Print

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Product Overview

Exclusive and environmentally friendly sashes without printing

Environmentally friendly and sustainable product. Material: Viscose (Rayon) - acetate fabric, made of wood cellulose. Quality: satin, single side. Fringes: metallic gold, metallic silver. Fabric produced in the EU.

Order before 15:00, we normally send out the same day.

You would need to mount yourself on the sash the adhesive Velcro® connectors and the optional fringes supplied with the sash.

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Specifications for ECO satin sashes with no printing

Ribbon size: width - 10cm | length - 200cm (standard).For a smaller length, you can shorten by cutting the ends.Density: 120g/m² (± 10 g/m²).Thickness: 100-110 μ.Material: Viscose (Rayon) - acetate fabric, made of wood cellulose.Quality: satin, single side.

Assembling the sash

1.Unroll the sash and place it on the shoulder so that the part of the band with main text is in front of the body. Rest of the band is falling at the back of the body.2. Shorten the ends if needed by cutting even portions from both ends using scissors.3. Cross the two ends, so that an X shape is created on the hip at the side of the body.4. Mark the center point where the two ends are overlapping.5. Mount adhesive hook Velcro (white) on the top band at the overlapping center point.6. Mount adhesive loop Velcro (black) on the bottom band at the overlapping center point, so that direct contact between the white and the center of the black squares is possible.7. Decide what sort of ending you want for the sash: A- Fringes: stick the double-sided adhesive on both ends of the sash. Stick the fringes on the adhesive tape. B- Fancy cut ends: choose your desired cut and cut both ends with a scissors. C- Plain ends: no need to do anything.

Ribbon - PMS® colours

Available colours:

Dark Purple - 2607 | Light green - 7488 | Dark green - 5743 | Dark red - 228 | Light pink - 495 | Ivory | White.

PMS® Online colour chart - colours shown may vary from actual product colours due to computer monitor display settings.

Cut the edges yourself

Adhesive Velcro® connectors and fringes supplied with the sash.

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