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Application of Sashes

As mentioned earlier, you don't need to be royalty, an award recipient, or a beauty queen to wear sashes today. Now, anyone can feel special or even "royal" and embrace the old tradition of sashes to make a fun or semi-serious statement using our party sashes. They are widely used for all kinds of occasions, to honor the guest of honor, add extra fun to an event, express affiliation, or whatever the occasion may be. There are many examples of their use, and the possibilities are limitless.

Sashes can become keepsakes, cherished from a lovely confirmation day, where the confirmand received a sash with the text: "Today's Confirmand," or from a wonderful summer vacation where one was crowned the summer bathing nymph. They can be used effectively to group guests and participants with different colors or texts for theme parties or other events; it's both practical and festive.

It's great fun to dress up the bride-to-be in a sash at her bachelorette party with the inscription "Help, I'm getting married," and her friends wearing ones that say "Bride's Crew." It fosters a sense of team spirit among girlfriends for an exciting and eventful day they won't forget.

At the company's annual Christmas party, it's festive to give employees sashes with the company name and logo, creating a sense of camaraderie and "solemnity."

Present the winner of a tournament or match with a sash on their shoulder, leaving no doubt about who the victor is, or wear one yourself to show support for your favorite team during their game.

Any mother will melt on Mother's Day when her children give her a colorful declaration, saying, "Mom is the best in the world," and the expectant mother will feel pride at her baby shower when she wears a sash that reads, "It's a girl."

The United Kingdom has embraced the tradition of American proms, where they appoint the king and queen of the ball and give them beautiful sashes.

Sashes for nominations of the year's or month's employee or colleague are commonly used, and it doesn't end there. It could be anything, such as the year's teacher or the season's coach. When schools and associations nominate and award prizes to the school's nerd, the class's sweetheart, the club's finest, and so on, it's more eye-catching to wear the nomination on the shoulder.

The birthday celebrant will be even more in the spotlight with a custom-made personal birthday sash designed especially for them on their festive day. Create a unique and personal one for the graduate when they've successfully completed their final exams, for the enamored couple saying "I do," or for the golden wedding anniversary couple still going strong. Yes, there are countless possibilities; only your imagination sets the limits for text, color, and the occasion.

The typical placement of sashes is from the right shoulder to the left hip, but sometimes it's the other way around.

It's not limited to people alone. Even animals can receive sashes as prizes in competitions. Your horse or dog will look stunning with a sash around their neck, just adjust the size accordingly, as you would for a child.

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Customization Options

With JMband's online designer, you can create your own unique sashes. You can choose colors, fonts, add text, and even move elements around to create the perfect design for your event.

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Wide Application

JMband's sashes can be used in a wide range of contexts, including beauty pageants, theme parties, bachelorette parties, company events, sports occasions, and much more. There are no limits to how you can use them to add fun, honor guests of honor, or foster a sense of belonging.

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Sashes from JMband are made of water-resistant Polyprotex, a type of polypropylene, or ØKO satin Viscose (Rayon) - acetate fabric made from wood cellulose. It has a shiny reflection, known as "glossy," on the outer side where we do the printing. Fringes made of lurex in metallic gold or silver color are included for attachment at the ends of the sash, giving it a more fancy look. Of course, it's optional whether you want to use the fringes; they can also be omitted, and the ends can be cut into different shapes other than the straight edge we provide. Self-adhesive velcro is also included and is used to fasten it together instead of sewing. There are several advantages to using velcro instead of sewing. Velcro makes it easy to put on and take off, and it can be easily adjusted in size. Safety is also a consideration here because if it's sewn together, there's a risk of choking if an accident occurs and the wearer gets caught on something with the sash. That won't happen with velcro, which will immediately come apart.

Sashes with Print Ribbon JM Band UK


The printing on our sashes is done using the thermal transfer technique, using high-quality special foil. This print is highly resistant to scratching and rubbing, ensuring that the text remains intact and sharp despite usage. After all, it would be a shame if the text suddenly became unreadable when you've gone to the trouble of designing a beautiful personalized gift for the honoree. The color options available are black, metallic gold, or metallic silver. The metallic colors complement all ribbon colors, and the text looks glamorous and shiny, making it suitable for all occasions. Black text works well on light backgrounds.

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Online Designing of Nomination Sashes

The easiest and most cost-effective way to get sashes with your own text is to design them yourself on our website using our advanced online designer. It's also the quickest in terms of delivery time once you've ordered online. The designer is user-friendly and easy to use. It immediately gives you an impression of what the finished product could look like. You can play around with it directly on the screen by choosing from different colors, fonts, altering your personal text, using our available logos such as a royal crown or a butterfly, moving elements around, and adjusting sizes. When you're satisfied, you can specify the quantity and click on the shopping cart.

History of the Sash

Traditionally, British sashes have been worn by royalty for centuries, albeit without text, adorned with decorations and ornaments. We see it at official occasions when the royal family, and now also heads of state, appear on screen with these beautiful sashes that go from shoulder to hip, and the appearance and decorations depend on which order the person is part of. The military also began using sashes on uniforms with medals, serving as honors.

Newer versions, which we are also familiar with, are used in beauty pageants worldwide with text such as "MISS UNIVERSE" and "MISS WORLD." Sashes and medals are also used in the military.

The old tradition is one thing; another is the festive and popular use of these colorful sashes with personalized text, which have found their way into many places and are spreading more and more throughout society, providing lots of fun for both wearers and those who have designed them.

As sashes are worn diagonally across the shoulder, they are sometimes called shoulder sashes. You may also come across names like crossbands, likely because they cross over the chest. Diagonal sashes are another term you might encounter because they go diagonally across the upper body. It also resembles a scarf, so you might find places where it's called a scarf. It can be confusing with these different names, but fundamentally, it's the same product.

  • Prices

    Who doesn't aim for a good deal?! Price matters. Of course, everyone compare prices, but it's important to consider three things when comparing suppliers: price, quality, and service. We aim to deliver inexpensive sashes of good quality and extraordinary service to our customers.

  • Availability

    You can probably buy inexpensive sashes from Amazon, eBay, or local suppliers who have sashes for sale on the internet, but our sashes are unique. You can design them yourself online, and we produce your order lightning fast.

  • Delivery Time

    Plain sashes without print are normally sent the same day. We try to send online personalized sashes the same day. Customized bands with printvia e-mail usually take a few days before we can ship the finished product. We deliver anywhere in UK and Republic of Ireland. Normally the transit time is about 2 days if your delivery address is in or not far from major cities in the UK and Republic of Ireland like London, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, Calgary, Cork, Coventry, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leeds, Liverpool, etc. Delivery to remote areas in the UK may take an extra day or two.

FAQ - Get Answers to Your Questions

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What materials are used for JMband's sashes?

JMband's sashes are made of either water-resistant polypropylene or ØKO satin Viscose (Rayon).

How are the sashes fastened?

JMband's sashes come with self-adhesive velcro, making it easy to attach and adjust the size.

Can I order individual sashes or only in large quantities?

JMband offers flexible ordering options, allowing you to order both individual sashes and larger quantities tailored to your needs.

Can I get different colors or logos printed on the sashes?

JMband offers printing in black, white, metallic gold, or metallic silver. You can also add different logos or graphics of your choice.