Collection: Ribbon-Cutting Bands

Buy ribbon-cutting bands, with or without print. Colourful ribbon-cutting bands for your opening ceremony. Compare quality and price, we are the best and most affordable.

High-Quality Inauguration Ribbons

JM Bands' inauguration ribbons are the perfect addition to a special event like the inauguration or opening of a new building, store, or facility. These ribbons are designed to add elegance and ceremonial value to the event and create a memorable experience for the participants.

JM Bands' inauguration ribbons are made of high-quality satin, giving them a luxurious and sophisticated feel. They are available in various colors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits the event's theme or your company's branding. The ribbons are wide and long enough to create an impressive visual effect when they are cut.

One of the prominent features of JM Bands' inauguration ribbons is the ability to customize them to your specific needs. You can have your company or organization's name printed on the ribbon along with the event's date or a special message. This customization adds a personal and unique touch to the event, making the ribbon a lasting memory for the participants.

JM Bands' inauguration ribbons are not only elegant but also easy to use. They come with a convenient cutting tool that makes it easy to unveil the ribbon and create a beautiful ceremonial effect. Cutting the ribbon marks the beginning of a new era or a new chapter and symbolizes the opening of something special.

These ribbons are not limited to inaugurations. They can also be used for groundbreaking ceremonies, awards ceremonies, anniversaries, and other important events where there is a need to mark a special occasion.

Whether it's a small local shop or a large corporate building, JM Bands' inauguration ribbons add a sense of significance and ceremony to the event. With their customization options and high quality, they are a reliable and stylish solution to make any inauguration ceremony memorable and aesthetically pleasing.

Use of Inauguration Ribbons / Opening Ribbons

When a project that has been worked on long and hard is finally complete and ready to be put to use, whether it's a new pedestrian street for the town, a sculpture created by a local renowned artist to be placed in the town square, a subway for the city, or the local scouts' new house, it should be inaugurated for the occasion. This is done with a ceremony, a kind of ritual act, to mark a new beginning. For example, the new highway that will now make it easier for people to get around, or the soccer club, delighted to have a beautiful modern stadium. The ceremony often includes cutting a ribbon, an inauguration ribbon, to mark the transition from project work to the finished work and the actual purpose of the project. The inauguration is often conducted with some solemnity, with speeches and expressions of gratitude, perhaps some shows and music, a celebration for people interested in this finished project, and then the highlight, where the ribbon is cut and the opening and commissioning take place. The cutting of the inauguration ribbon is the highlight, the focal point, so to speak. So the "right" ribbon is important!

ECO Satin Bouquet Ribbon with Print Ribbon JM Band UK

Materials for Inauguration Ribbons

Inauguration ribbons are made of Polyprotex, which is a kind of polypropylene, or ECO satin Viscose (Rayon), acetate fabric made from wood cellulose. The ribbons have a shiny reflection, so-called glossy, on the outside, which is the side we print on. The other side, the inside, is matte.

Foils for Thermal Transfer on Vinyl  JM Band UK


When we produce inauguration ribbons with printing, we use the thermal transfer technique. Here, a special high-quality foil is used. Such a print is resistant to scratches and rubbing, which means that the text remains clearly and intact despite weather and wind. There are three different ink colors to choose from: metallic gold, metallic silver, and plain black. Metallic gold and silver are suitable for most ribbon colors; the text will appear beautiful, clear, and shiny. The black ink color can be used for light ribbon colors, where it stands out clearly.

Inauguration Ribbon with Colour Print Ribbon JM Band UK

Design Your Own Inauguration Ribbons Online

We offer to make inauguration ribbons with your own personalized text using our advanced online designer on our website. Here, you can create your own customized inauguration ribbons with text and logos. It is also the fastest in terms of delivery time when ordered online. The designer is simple and clear, and you can see on the screen how the result will be based on what you choose. You can experiment with different fonts, adjust the size and placement, modify your personal text, and select from the available ribbon and print colors. Ordering inauguration ribbons online gives you the time and peace of mind to design it the way you want.