Natural Products for a Greener Future

We strive to deliver solutions that have a positive impact on our planet. Some of our wristbands, tickets, and accessories are made with a focus on recycled materials, energy efficiency, and waste reduction.

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Better Wristbands

Choose JM Band's ECO wristbands for a stylish and planet-conscious solution. Our ECO wristbands are made from materials that reduce chemical waste and is less bad for our planet. Give your events a responsible touch and show your commitment to the environment. Join so many others in choosing better wristbands.

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Other Natural Products

Our ECO lanyards are designed with materials that are consider the environment. These lanyards, made from recycled or bio-degradable materials, help organize keys and ID cards. You can customize them with your logo. Choose our ECO products to make your event more environmentally friendly while enjoying both great functionality and style.

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Small Steps in the Right Direction

We reuse the boxes our suppliers send goods in when we ship products to our customers. We are constantly working to improve our practices. By reusing packaging, we help extend its lifespan, even though changing habits takes time. Small steps every day lead us in the right direction.

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Recyclable Materials

Our bands, wristbands, and tickets are made from recyclable materials, reducing the need for single-use products. By choosing our reusable solutions, you can minimize waste and resource consumption.

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FAQ - Get answers to your questions

What is the difference between your wristbands?

We have 5 different fabric bracelets when it comes to martial:

- Polyester
- Recycled polyester ( ECO PET )
- Bamboo fabric
- 100% cotton
- Spandex

What is ECO PET?

Eco pet, are fabric bracelets that are made from reusable martial material, which means they are sustainable.

What are you doing to help improve the environment?

We try everything we can to seal our reusable wristbands, which means we go for sealing our ECO PET wristbands.

How many different types of ECO PET do you have?

e have two different types of ECO bracelets. Our:
- ECO Recycled PET fabric bracelet.
- Bamboo fabric bracelet..

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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