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As our range of RFID technology products expands, so do the needs of our customers for more systems that can support NFC wristbands for guest registration or similar for your events or other gatherings. Therefore, we have developed our own system that comes along and is set up when you purchase at least 100 RFID wristbands. If you need a more advanced system, such as for cashless payments or access control, we have partnered with Loomis-Pay and Scanview Sikring. This way, we can tailor a system to fit your wants and needs. Explore below to see what we can offer you in terms of RFID.

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Our bespoke RFID system is designed to assist you in maintaining precise control and gaining valuable insights into the activities of your visitors through the use of RFID bracelets or other RFID products.

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At JM Band, we carry a wide range of RFID products that cater to various needs and preferences. Our dedication to RFID technology and customized solutions makes us the ideal choice for anyone seeking reliable and cost-effective solutions. Take the first step toward a seamless event registration by exploring our range below.

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At JM Band, we believe that the overall experience is crucial to creating value for our customers and providing them with the best possible experience. That's why we have established partnerships with leading players in relevant industries to ensure our customers an unparalleled experience. Below, you can read more about our partners in RFID technology.


Loomis-Pay in collaboration with JM Band

With an Android POS system easily controlled via touchscreen, products are selected with a touch. Scan items with a barcode scanner, and everything is automatically synchronized to the cloud. It's user-friendly, meets the latest tax requirements, and requires internet, which can come from both 4G and WiFi.

NFC cards and wristbands: Charge and pay easily at the festival with a card or wristband, which Loomis Pay keeps track of.

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SCANVIEW domicil

Scanview Sikring

Scanview has highly specialized employees who offer knowledge sharing across their departments. They are ready to advise you on technical access control, regardless of the size of the project.

  • More than 15 years of experience
  • 50 dedicated employees
  • 30 field technicians
  • Nationwide service
  • State, regions, and municipalities
  • Culture, attractions, and sports
  • Ports, airports, and logistics
  • Retail, industry, and business
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FAQ - Get answers to your questions

Can the wristbands be customized with our own design or logo?

Yes, we offer the possibility to customize the wristbands with your own design, logo or text.

Are the wristbands waterproof?

It depends on the type of bracelet. Some bracelets are waterproof or water resistant, while others may be more susceptible to water.

Can the wristbands be reused?

It depends on the material and design of the bracelet. Some bracelets are designed for single use and cannot be reused after removal, while others are reusable and can be removed and used again.

Can I order wristbands in different colors in the same order?

Yes, we allow ordering bracelets in different colors in the same order. You can usually select your desired colors, specify the desired quantity for each color and add them to your shopping cart or request it when ordering.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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